Friday, April 6, 2012

My Current Phase

Lately I've been quilting a lot.
I've had several projects planned and waiting to be started. I just had other things I was working on or busy with or simply hadn't found the motivation to get them done.

However, since I started piecing quilt tops together and making visits to my local quilt shop for notions, batting, matching fabric etc I've gotten into a phase I don't see ending any time soon. I've bought fabric for at least 3 more quilts. And have found patterns for more great quilting ideas.
Having JoAnn's in Elko open in January also hasn't helped my current obsession.

And having so many friends and acquaintances who quilt is feeding the addiction.

Bought these for a Coffee House Runner. I've had the pattern for about 2 years and finally got it out and picked fabrics for it.
I really like how it turned out! Was a project of many firsts.
First time picking out colors all on my own (I usually pick coordinating fabrics of the same collection).
First time doing applique
First time making a table runner

I'm getting much better at Free-Motion quilting. Going to keep practicing with random curvy lines before attempting a design. But I do really want to try it.

I love my Coffee Cup table runner!

A friend I babysit for showed me her quilts she made with this pattern. And scheduled a sew day at local quilt store to work on it with other ladies.
Since it was a last minute decision to do this project I used a jelly roll of pastel solids I got from Craftsy. I added the white in so the pattern would be simpler and I would have 6 different colors to work with.
(Craftsy has also been a factor contributing to my quilting phase - lots of good deals on cute fabrics).

Used minky on the back.
I'll probably save this for a gift for a baby or something.

I used up some scraps from my stash and supplemented them with fat quarters that I purchased and participated in a class at the quilt shop to make this table topper.
Unfortunately, I realized when it was mostly done I need a bolder color for the white star points. The white doesn't show up very good.
Other than that I love it!

I will probably be posting pictures of more quilts in the near future. 

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