Friday, September 28, 2012

TM pictures from the GoPro

We got pictures of the first 3 hours of the course. So there are a few obstacles that didn't get photographed. I'm still waiting on the release of the professional photos.

Anyway, enjoy photos from the GoPro strapped to our teammate's head throughout part of the course.

Headed to the starting line.

First set of walls to climb (8 ft.).

Here we go!!

Very dusty first mile.

Here's the photographer!

Kiss of Mud Crawling under very low barbed wire.

Our Team!

Just a little tuckered out...

Jumped from 15 ft high into cold, muddy, deep water!!

Nice and wet early in the course!

Ice, lots of it! Had to dunk self under center board to get though.

Very difficult! We all failed hard and early.


More running.

Crawled though these tubes full of muddy water.

More crawling under wire.


Here begins the endless steep climb to the summit.

Still a ways to go...

Exhausted and still more to climb.

Steep and dusty.

The view was the only redeeming part.


Now climbing 9 ft walls.


Those wires have 10,000 volts of electricity. No thank you! We skipped this. (had to run though same wires, minus the water, at the end).

Getting teased about skipping it.

Pressing on!

Not much to hold on to.

Had to shimmy along the board with fingertips and toes on a 2x4 or less.

Crawling through a dark trench.

Right before camera died. Waiting to scale the 10+ ft wall.

After this we scrammbled over and under logs. Hurdled 3ft walls. Slimmed through several trenches of wet, slimmy, sticky mud. Climbed up and over a rope net.  Went up and over "Everest". And ran through a stretch of wires of electricity. Plus many other things.
We all had so much fun! Looking forward to next year!


  1. Justine, I am so proud of you! The confidence boost something like this instills is priceless! You are amazing. It was a joy to see the pictures and hear your commentary. Wish I could have been there to cheer you all on.