Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Still Here...

I really do plan to get back in the habit of blogging (if I ever was... ).

Anyway, here are some updates of what's happened in my absence.

The biggest news is that I am 18 weeks pregnant, due in July!! We are wayy excited about this! It was fun keeping the pregnancy a secret for the first 10 weeks! (Hence, why I didn't mention it in my last post). Things are progressing well.
I happen to be one of those super lucky girls that everyone hates that never experiences morning sickness. Which I am soo thankful for and am not taking for granted. Though the pregnancy fatigue I thought was going to kill me. That only lasted about a month though.
I've felt great, Doctors say all is good. We had a 13 week ultrasound to determine due date, and have our 20 week ultrasound scheduled for next month.

I've definitely got a "baby bump" and finding things to wear is sometimes a challenge. I'm loving the sweats and yoga pants these days ;)

So I guess you can expect most of my posts from here on out to be about Baby and pregnancy! ;)

I've been doing some more sewing. Mostly baby quilts. Some will be gifts and of course one or two I'll keep for Baby.
We've been cleaning/organizing/rearranging to get the Nursery ready. It's far from ready, but it's a work in progress.

Things are good and all is well over here in my little corner of the world!

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