Friday, March 8, 2013

Half way point

Baby at 13 weeks. Can see head and arm with hand by face.
Today I'm 20 weeks along in my pregnancy!!
It's kind of weird, because since our pregnancy was a secret for the first 3 months, it seems like the next 2 months just flew by! Yet, I also feel like I've been pregnant a long time, and I'm only half way to my "due date"?

Anyway, It's exciting to be at 20 weeks. Seems like a milestone, even though I don't know why.
This past week we have been able to feel Baby kicking more and more. And, even though I feel it frequently throughout the day, the Baby likes to be still when Daddy is around to feel. So, he's only been able to feel Baby a handful of times.
It is really exciting though!

We have appointments scheduled to have an ultrasound done in the coming weeks, but are thus far still sticking with our plan to be surprised by the gender at birth.
And we started birthing classes. Which have been wonderful. Learning about all the way your body works to grow and birth a baby is fascinating. We are planning a natural birth and are growing more confident in our ability to work through each phase of this pregnancy and eventually labor and birth. It's really exciting.

For about the first 4 months I really craved sweets (doughnuts specifically). But I only occasionally would give in. Not sure why that has been my craving. But as I learn more about pregnancy specific nutrition and have been eating a very good, balanced diet my sweets craving seems less and less.

I am really blessed and very grateful that so far this pregnancy has been very easy. I never had morning sickness, and have not really experienced any other typical pregnancy discomforts. I feel very good everyday and I am so thankful for it. It's great to be able to feel energized and motivated to get projects done, workout, take care of my house, and cook healthy meals!
I'm sure some discomforts will come and it won't be completely smooth sailing forever. But for now I'm just enjoying my pregnancy and am very thankful for good days!

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