Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sewing update

So a few weeks ago (might be more than a month by now....)
Anyway, I did finally get the skirts made. I found a really simple, easy sewing tutorial on pinterest. And even though this pattern isn't "maternity" I figured the stretchy knit fabric would still work.... and it did!! 
Here is the tutorial.

This one was supposed be a maxi length skirt. But I kinda messed up on the diagonal/chevron piecing and didn't add enough length.

I also made this pink, knee length skirt. As well as the cardigan. I was really impressed and proud of myself. Not only does it look decent and fit but it's also extremely comfortable! I love wearing it! Will definitely make more.

(Can also see my 23-week baby bump). <3

I still have some more knits, so I'll be sewing more.

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