Monday, September 23, 2013

Nursery Complete

 Now that we know the nursery is for our little Girl I've added the finishing touches.

I'm using the baby girl quilt and had enough scraps to make a crib bumper, a mobile, some wall decor, and a crib skirt.
Thankfully, I was able to find a bit more fabric from this collection on the clearance rack at JoAnn's since I'm pretty sure this line of fabric was discontinued. I bought it all quite awhile ago.
I had enough to complete the crib bedding and accents!
 Here is up close of the mobile, made from fabric yoyos, ribbon, and an embroidery hoop. 
And a shot of the inside of bumper. I made it scrappy on the inside, partly by choice, and mostly out of necessity, as all I had were smaller pieces leftover from quilt.
The embroidered "Baby" sign was a gift from my sister.
 I found some sweet cream, green, and pink colored paisley fabric for the curtains.
 Here is the embroidery hoop wall decor with leftover fabric scraps.
 And I also was able to make a crib skirt as well. Though I didn't get a great photo of it.
I'm loving my neutral nursery turned girly!!
Will still be awhile before Esther spends much time in her little nursery, as she's still sleeping in a cradle in our room. But I'm glad it's all done, and it's nice to have a place to store all her cute outfits and girly accessories!


  1. I'm super jealous...Silas doesn't have a nursery or his own room yet--and when he does, it definitely won't be this dang cute! This looks like it should be featured in a magazine! Seriously!