Friday, November 29, 2013

Esther's First Thanksgiving

We had the opportunity to travel to Idaho and spend a few days there during the week of Thanksgiving. Esther is an awesome traveler, as she just slept the entire way.

We got to see my good friend and her family. Her son Pierson is only a day older than Esther.
We had a great time!

Later in the week we got to meet all the relatives.
We had a good visit with my Grandma.
Meeting Great Grandma
 And with Matthew's Grandparents.
Meeting Great Grandparents
We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family on Wednesday.

Spending time with the Aunts!

 Preparing Thanksgving Dinner

Dad carving the turkey

Grandpa and Grandma Dickey

Playing with Grandpa

Traditional thanksgiving board games

Spent Thanksgiving Day with Matthew's family, and got to eat another delicious Thanksgiving dinner.
Meeting Uncle Isaac

Nana's turn

Esther enjoyed her uncle Jacob so much!

Meeting Great, Great Grammie
 5 Generations here, from 4 months to 96 years!!

Meeting Great Grandma
 More game playing traditions

We had a great time in Idaho with everybody! Our time there was too short, as always!!

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