Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I'm still here.
I am aware that I severely neglect this blog.
Sometimes I think about it, not able to remember the last thing I wrote. And wonder why it's even floating around out here on the internet. Blogging/writing isn't really my thing. But, sometimes I want an outlet for things that I need a better space than Facebook for.

So, I'm back, just to give an update for the past 3 months. And hopefully I'll be more consistent on here in the future.

So, Uhhmm...
Holidays were good and fun! We had such a great time enjoying Esther experience her first Christmas, learn to tear paper of packages, see Christmas lights, etc.
We spent the week before Christmas with family in Idaho. And then had our own celebration at home together.

December brought back new friends, for good! Some visitors from last year finished school and needed a place to settle down so they choose this little town. This has been good in a very challenging way for our little home-gym Crossfit experience. The tiny little workout group has grown from about 4 to about 10 or so and we've been slowly adding to the gym equipment and doing some construction to expand the gym space. Lots of fun!!

Come January, and the new year. Some friends all decided to try a "Paleo Challenge" to eat strict paleo diet for 31 days! I had been thinking of changing up the diet anyway, so joining a few friends sounded like a good way to get started. The hubby was unsure how it would go, but after a couple weeks, he was hooked too!
We are not addicted to Larabars, eating veggies for every meal, and have added several recipes to the favorites list. The paleo experience was good, we learned what worked and what didn't and have kept to it with a few exception. Maybe I'll do a more thorough post on it someday soon.
Ohh, and we both lost 5 pounds in a month of eating Paleo. Which was the extra lingering pounds I was hoping to shed after pregnancy.

Esther is the "perfect baby" or so she's been called by some. We just love and adore our sweet baby girl. Seriously, though. I think she might be the perfect baby. Sleeps 12 hours a night (all night), healthy, happy, rarely cries, etc. I'm already mentally preparing for #2 to be the worst child ever since I know there is no way we will get this lucky twice. (No, I'm not pregnant again) ;)
We truely are blessed by our daughter Esther. And though she's a good, easy baby. She's still a baby. This 7 month (thus far) journey of motherhood has not been easy. I have moments, more than I'd like to admit to, of wanting to get away from her. To do my own things, sleep in past 6:30am, do some crafting instead of wash diapers. Learning to give myself to another person, and be completely selfless is not easy, but worth it!

We've settled into a good routine. Meshing a baby's schedule with my husbands graveyard schedule isn't ideal. But we've made it work for us. But guess what!?!! After countless months of graves... in the near future dayshifts will be back again!! Yay!

The weather is warming up here, doubt it will last. But the 60 degrees, clear blue sky days are nice. I've been thinking about the garden boxes in the backyard and how to use them this year. So, maybe I'll keep y'all updated on that in the coming months.

I'm hoping to get the ol' Etsy shop up and running. Also been clearing out the fabric stash, trying to use what's there before I purchase anything new. However, I decided to be a good girl and work before play. So, I'm doing some "spring cleaning" around the house. The laundry room got reorganized and I'm currently in the process of getting the storage room and guest room manageable. The end is in sight, so hopefully the sewing machine can get dusted off and used again soon!

Whew! How did that get so long? Ugh, I'm so wordy! So much for "quick" update. Ha Ha!!

Anyway! I'll try to be more frequent on her. Thanks for reading!

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