Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Man's Utter Dependence

I've been reading through "Legend of a Legacy; Spiritual Treasure from the Heart of Edward Payson"
Each section being only a page or so long, reading only one a day (or trying to), as there is soo much to consider and meditate on just in a single page.

The section I read today is titled Man's Utter Dependence. Was a good reminder of our daily, hourly, need of God just for a basic necesities of life. Yet we often take Him for granted, and believe ourselves to be independent and capable of anything.

I hope you are blessed by this reminder of our dependance on our Creator. And it causes you to be in awe of Him and thankful He has given you life!

Man's Utter Dependence
" If men are truly independent of God, it may, with safety, be asserted, that he is almost the only being or object in the universe, on whom they are not dependent. From the cradle to the grave, their lives exhibit little else than a continued course of dependence. They are dependent on the earth, on the water, on the air, on each other, on irrational animals, on vegetables, on unorganized substances. Let the sun withhold his beams, and the clouds their showers for a single year, and the whole race of these might, independent beings expires. Let but a pestilential blast sweep over them, and they are gone. Let but some imperceptible derangement take place in their frail but complicated frame, and all their boasted intellectual powers sink to the level of an idiot's mind. Let a small portion of that food, on which they daily depend for nourishment, pass but the breadth of a line from its proper course, and they expire in agony. An insect, a needle, a thorn, has often proved sufficient to subject them to the same fate. And while they are dependent on so many objects for the continuance of their lives, they are dependent on a still greater number for happiness, and for the success of their enterprises. Let but a single spark fall unheeded, or be wafted by a breath of air, and a city, which it has cost thousands the labors of many years to erect, may be turned to ashes. Let the wind but blow from one point rather than from another, and the hopes of the merchant are dashed against a rock. Let but a little more, or a little less, than the usual quantity of rain descend, and in the latter case the prospects of the husbandman are blasted, while, in the other, his anticipated harvest perishes beneath the clods, or is swept away by an inundation. But in vain do we attempt to describe the extent of man's dependence, or enumerate all the objects and events on which he depends. Yet all these objects and events are under the control of Jehovah. Without His notice and appointment, not a hair falls from our heads, nor a sparrow to the ground. O how far is it, then, from being true, that man is not dependent on God! "

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