Monday, July 9, 2012

12 miles in 1 day

This past weekend we planned an overnight backpacking trip.
Soldier Creek Trail in Ruby Mountains of Nevada is absolutely lovely!

We were excited to get out, get some exercise, enjoy the fresh mountain air, and sleep out under the stars!

We headed out with backpacks packed with all we would need for an overnight trip to the mountains... or so we thought.

Weather reports promised lovely weather, no wind, rain, or storms. Highs in the 90's lows in the 50's. Perfect!

Drive up to the trailhead was beautiful! Look at those blue skies!

Once parked and backpacks on and we're ready to hike the rain starts. We go back to the truck to wait out the rain. Thankfully after about 10 minutes it stops and the sun comes out again!

 We started hiking again. I actually really enjoyed hiking after the rain. It smelled wonderful and was so pretty to see the sun hitting all the wet leaves!

Since we had to cross Soldier Creek at the start of the trail we started out with wet shoes so hiking a wet trail wasn't bad since we were already wet!

The scenery was amazing! Here are some cool looking caves in the rocks at the mountain peaks!

We were able to enjoy a wonder 6 mile hike up to the top of the mountain. The first half of which followed the creek through a canyon! Was so beautiful! Loved how green the mountains were and the sunshine!

Nearing the end of the 6 mile trail the sky started to get grey and cloudy again. A few rain drop sprinkles and thunder.

Based on the map and trail description there were 3 small lakes/ponds at the top and then about a half mile further there was another large lake.

We made it the first one just as the rain started again! About 3 hours from when we started.

Was very calm and peaceful even during a rain / thunder storm!

We waited it out for a little while under a tree....

After no signs of clouds moving or rain stopping. We debated what to do.
Set up camp, with one small tarp and no rain gear?


Hike back down. Since it's only 3pm we could make it down before dark.

We decided to start on the next 6 miles down the mountain in the rain.

Gotta say, was a pretty awesome sight to see a storm brewin' over the mountains!

Eventually the sun came out again.... Then it would rain again... and the sun would shine, then the rain would fall. And a mixture of both at times as well.


I really had a great time up in the mountains for the 6 hours that it lasted! Was beautiful, refreshing and exhausting as well. We really weren't prepared to carry a 20lb pack for 12 miles in one day.

Spotted a bunch of snails.

I also hiked in Vibram FiveFingers. Which had its definite pros and cons.

Great for crossing creek 5x or so. Dries quickly.
Feet well protected without the heavy, clunky hiking boots.


Feet get really dirty.
Top of feet got slightly sunburned (not badly though) through the mesh top of shoe.
No padding on soles resulting in very sore feet after a 12 mile hike (not to mention the added 20lbs).

They were great for this hike, especially with how wet it was crossing creeks and hiking through very muddy/swampy areas. I just don't recommend hiking 12 miles in one day with FiveFingers.

Was a great hike! And overall the weather wasn't as bad as it could be. Was still comfortable temperatures and hardly any wind. Even the rain was very light.
Next time we will probably bring the tent, even though last 3 backpacking trips it wasn't needed and the weather forecast didn't indicate we needed it.

We did get to see a beautiful sunset on the way home after stopping for some much needed grub at Wingers!

And I'm still enjoying the wildflower bouquet I picked on the way down!!

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