Saturday, July 21, 2012

Color Set in Stone

This quilt pattern was displayed on the wall as a sample in my local quilt shop and fell in love with it.
I acquired the patterned and put it away. Once I found the perfect fabric for it I got to work.

I really like this collection of fabric - It's called Stonehedge" by Northcott fabrics.
The prints resemble various types of stone all in various colors. I don't think any 2 pieces are exactly alike, even thought they are cut from the same piece of fabric since the colors change, fade, blend and the print/pattern on the fabric also varies!
Free Motion Quilting

When I found charm packs of these fabrics I knew I wanted to use them for this quilt.
I used a Charcoal grey Minky on the back. I love this Minky for blankets. It's incredibly soft and nice to the touch. It also really shows the quilting design without showing the stitches very well. Therefore hiding any mistakes or tension problems.

Since the fabric has a stone-like look to them and all in lots of different colors the finished product reminded me very much of a brick wall (especially with the white sashing between every piece).
So I titled the quilt Color Set in Stone!

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