Saturday, September 3, 2011

A good buy...

I'm what you would consider an "extreme couponer" however, I'm really not that extreme with my coupon shopping. I only shop about once a month. And when I have a good stockpile, sometimes I skip shopping for the month or so. I shop when I need to.

Since I follow coupon sites and blogs. I get notified of lots of good deals, sales, and where to find coupons.

Back in May, I came across a posting on a coupon site's Facebook page. It was a Target Daily Deal.
Kitchen Aid 7 cup Food Processor (Empire Red) Regularly priced at $104.99. But for that day only it was marked down to $67.99 + Free shipping!

I debated with myself. Do I need it, can I do without it. I have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, and a decent blender, I can probably do everything this processor can do with those. But it would be a great tool, make alot of jobs alot easier. Like making graham cracker crusts, and Oreo crusts, or Pesto.

I asked my husband. He didn't think I needed it, and asked why I thought I did.
Using his argument and justification for his purchases I explained I didn't need it, and could live without it. Could accomplish most things I use it for just fine if I didn't have it, BUT, it would make those tasks easier, and I would be more efficient. (He is constantly justifying a new holster, or sling, or shoe, or belt, or hat, or jacket, etc with the same reasoning).
Therefore, he agreed to buying it!

I knew I'd enjoy using it, and it has come in really handy for making pesto this summer, but I didn't realize how much I would appreciate it when I bought it back in May.

Returning home from our Road Trip I went out to my garden. Hoping my tomatoes would be ripe (they're getting closer) but instead found several GIANT zucchini!
Since most of the recipes I use zucchini in call for it shredded, I shred and freeze it. The only grater I have is a small box grater. Which works okay for regular size zucchini and I can hold in one hand. I wasn't looking forward to shredding this by hand (at least most of it).
Then I remembered my food processor came with a slicing/grating blade attachment. And decided to give it a try!

It worked like a charm! Other than the chute being small and narrow and having to cut the zucchini in strips. It was perfect for shredding...

And for slicing too!
At the end of the day I had 7 gallon size Ziploc bags of zucchini put away in my freezer. Plus a few cups I left out to use for dinner and bake with.
This food processor was definitely worth it. Even if I only used it for oversized zucchini. It would still be very valuable, as it made a huge job I was dreading very fast and easy! 

As a bonus, I love that the only color available on Target's Daily Deal was this Empire Red color! Coordinates beautifully with my black, white & red kitchen!

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  1. yea for red! i love the look of it, and i'm glad that it served you so well already!