Friday, September 2, 2011

Road Trip

This past week My Man and I took a road trip across the Pacific Northwest! It was a lot of fun!

Saturday morning: I got up at 5am. My man came home after working a 12 hour graveyard shift (wasn't officially off until 6am). Got the truck packed, and hit the road. Continued to stay on the road for 13 hours. Most of which I drove as my man slept, or tried to!

We arrived in Okanogan, WA. Checked into our hotel, got some food, and crashed!

Sunday: Got up early, got some food, and headed to the shooting range. Where my man participated in a carbine shooting class all day. He had a "blast." ;) I took pictures.

After a long, hot, sweaty day at the range. We cleaned up and relaxed back at the hotel.

Monday: Pretty much a repeat of Sunday. More shooting of guns and cameras...
My man with class instructor Larry Vickers

We finished up at the range around 4pm. Headed back to the hotel and cleaned up, got some dinner, and went for a "short" drive over to Grand Coulee Dam, checked out the visitor center, a documentary film, and watched a LASER show!! That area of Washington is beautiful!!

Tuesday: Checked out in Okanogan. And hit the road again for another 7 hours headed SW. Stopped in Lakewood, WA at the Tactical Tailor retail store, then continued on our way to Long Beach, WA.
At Long Beach, we set up camp, then enjoyed walking on the beach, watching the sunset, and walking around town. 

Wednesday: Had breakfast, packed up camp, and hit the road again... This was the shortest driving day of the the whole week. Only 3 hours, to Portland, OR. 
We crossed the Astoria Bridge into Oregon, saw more beautiful scenery and continued to enjoy time together! 
Once we got to Portland, we met up for lunch with a friend. Did some shopping at REI, and walked downtown along the waterfront park. 

I'm happy we were able to enjoy great weather throughout the whole trip! Was perfect! 
We then checked into a hotel in Portland, ordered some pizza, and relaxed! 

Thursday: Checked out in Portland, and hit the road one last time for another 10 hours all the way back home to Nevada. We shared the driving since my man needed some sleep so he could return back to working graveyards on Friday night. 

I think the best part was all the scenery!  We got to see and enjoy soo much beautiful creation. From high desert, to forest covered mountain passes, hot temperatures, and cooler temperatures. Saw the ocean, rivers, lakes, clear skies and cloudy. Desolate wilderness, and big cities!
I love road trips! Here's a few photos of the scenery!

Butterflies - North of Burns, OR

Long Beach, WA
East of Seattle, WA
Soap Lake, WA

Mount Hood, OR

Middle of nowhere, OR

Home, sweet Home, NV
This last picture was taken when we were only 45 minutes from being home. Was so nice to be welcomed back to our beautiful home state of Nevada with an awesome sunset like this.

We had a great road trip, drove over 1,000 miles, spent approximately 35 hours in the car, used too many porta-potties, enjoyed each other's company, and God's beautiful creation.

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