Friday, January 27, 2012

Rejected Contribution

Earlier this week I wrote an article and sent it to The Krazy Coupon Lady.This site will pay $50 for an original article if they choose to publish it on their website.

Sadly my contribution was not published since a similar article was recently was.
So, I'm putting it on my own blog. :)

It’s OK to be an Un-extreme Couponer

We’ve all seen or heard of the reality TV show Extreme Couponing and watched as these people buy items for no other reason than because they can, had a coupon and only paid $0.08 or each item. We’ve heard couponers called hoarders, and be made fun of. Not to mention the bad name we’ve all gotten by being associated through coupon shopping with those who fraudulently use them.

If you’re like me, you’ve been given grief over why you have 20 tubes of toothpaste, or being told that you don’t eat healthy because you only buy items there are coupons for, or being asked, “do you even use all that stuff?”

I think every couponer no matter how extreme (or un-extreme) has experienced some negativity at some point because of the way they shop.

While I would love to be an extreme couponer, I’m totally cool with being un-extreme!
Here is why:

-I don’t follow all the rules:
I don’t get 10 Sunday newspapers, and I don’t shop every week.
Being an hour drive (one way) from a real grocery store makes it very inconvenient for me to shop every week, also very expensive. I currently shop once a month.

- I don’t buy mass quantities:
I’ve never cleared shelves, nor have I ever bought more than 40 of one item (that was only once). I’ve been married for 2 years and don’t have kids yet. There are only 2 adults in my household, so we don’t go through a lot of stuff very quickly. For example: My husband uses 1 bottle of shower gel in 6 months, 20 boxes of pasta lasts a year, and one 12 count pack or toilet paper lasts us a few months at least.

- I don’t clip every coupon:
Since I don’t have babies, or pets, we don’t use medications, and are brand loyal to many cosmetic/toiletry items, I never clip the coupons for items I don’t use. Even if it’s on sale, and costs only pennies out of pocket, I don’t buy it. Because I won’t use it.
But I do donate all coupons I don’t use. And IF
I had a local food bank in my town, I would buy stuff simply to donate, but sadly I don’t have that option to give at this point in time. But when a friend needs a can of cream of mushroom soup I have an extra can or two to spare!

- I eat healthy:
I don’t buy things we don’t eat. For example, we don’t eat microwave frozen dinners. I don’t cook with boxed meals like Hamburger Helper. We both dislike sodas, so I rarely buy soda (exception: I entertain about once a month and keep 2-3, 2-liters of soda on hand for those time – never stock up on this stuff though).
We manage to shop with coupon AND eat healthy. Remember the 20 boxes of pasta I mentioned? We use lots of yogurt, canned soups, drink lots of tea, etc. And I use coupons so that I can have more money leftover for fresh meat and produce.

- I stock up on non-perishable items:
That’s why my husband has 6 (not 50) bottles of soap in our stockpile (3 years supply). I have 20 tubes of toothpaste because we do brush our teeth, and always will. Even though a case of Charmin will last 3 months, I have 5 cases of it! Oh, and I have about 20 rolls of paper towels. I use all these things everyday and they don’t expire, the majority of my stockpile is staple, non-perishable items.

My tiny pantry is always full, my spare bedroom has one
large shelf-unit full, and my small deep freezer is full. But I’m not extreme! I’m couponing for my family!
So, for all you coupon shoppers who don’t save 90% on groceries because you can’t shop every sale. Or those of you who are passionate about saving money, even if you’re a small family and don’t have a garage for your stockpile. You’re not alone. Don’t let the stereotypes get you down.
I have found that those who make fun of couponing are just envious they themselves aren’t saving as much as we are – even if it is only 40%.
Keep being un-extreme and saving for
your family.
It’s OK to be UN-extreme!!

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  1. Great article, Justine! Sorry this was rejected by Krazy Koupon Lady. As a blogger who tries to do guest posts from time to time, I know it can be difficult to get in. Keep trying, though!

    Btw, sometimes people tease because they're just teasing. Not because they're envious. *wink*