Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!!

Looking back on 2011 it was again, another year of firsts. Not as much as 2010 was, being I got married at the beginning of 2010, lots of new changes and experiences took place (all good ones).

In 2011, I never really made any "new years resolutions" partly because I don't really like them. The concept is a good idea and all. But all too often I feel we set ourselves up for failure by setting the bar too high. Or simply having unrealistic, but good, expectations for ourselves. So, I never set any specific goals, or resolutions last year. I did manage to get a lot accomplished though.

The highlights of 2011 were,
January '11 Celebrating 1 year of marriage! :)

February '11 Moving to a much bigger rental, a single wide trailer, with tip out and was room added on. (tells you how small our previous rental was) ;) And consequently being blessed to have a wonderful landlord, who is a Believer, and previous member of our church! Living in their house has been a big blessing!

April '11 Buying a 2007 Toyota Tacoma and selling My Man's '88(?) Suburban! Building credit and acquiring some debt was a big, new, change!

May '11 Planted my first garden! Again, so thankful for awesome landlord providing a garden spot and allowing me to use it! :)

June '11 Going to Las Vegas for the first time. Attended Street Survival training course with my Man, and got to experience Vegas :)

July '11 Completing 6 mile, 3,000 ft hike to Overland Lake, in the Ruby Mountains! (We attempted to in '10, but only made it about half way, not realizing the mileage, and elevation climb). Was rewarding to complete it this year!

August '11 Road Trip to Okanogan, WA, Lakewood, WA, Long Beach, WA, and Portland, OR over the course of about a week! Was beautiful to see all the country, and go to new places. Also, my first time driving 10+ hours! :)

November '11 Hosting, and cooking Thanksgiving dinner at our house and inviting the in-laws for the weekend! Was so much fun!

I also completed the last 3, of 5 Answers in Genesis online Apologetic courses in 2011!
Saved an average of 40% on groceries by couponing!
and got to be with my best friend at the birth of her first child (all by "chance")!

As I look back on the past year I am pleased with what I've learned and accomplished and experienced! And can honestly say I have no regrets from the past year! It truly was a wonderful year!

As for 2012, I am going to set some goals for myself. I do have long-term and short-term plans and hope to say I have accomplished them by the end of the year! However, one reason I'm not big on making new years resolutions, is because life happens! Unexpected and unplanned events take place messing up your plan A. By not accomplishing your resolution, you aren't necessarily a failure, you're resolution/plan simply changed due to circumstances in life.

With all that in mind I have set a few goals for the next year, aware, that I may not complete any of them. But here it goes.

I plan to faithfully read my Bible and pray everyday. This is kind of an ongoing habit/goal since August, and so far I've been pretty decent, not 100% faithful with it everyday yet. Along with that, I received The Love Dare day-by-day devotional book for couples as a wedding gift from my mom. It's been on my self for the past 2 years, and I've decided to read each day's portion everyday, along with trying to take the "dare" given. Ultimately, my goal is to increase spiritual knowledge and growth, and learn more about God this year.

I also plan to memorize scripture this year. Starting with memorizing Psalm 19.

I plan to de-clutter my house. Get things more organized, and downsize in the "stuff" we don't use. This will be a challenge for both me and my husband (who is not necessarily joining me in this goal, to my knowledge), because we have differing opinions on what is needed and what is not. What I want to throw out, he may want to keep, and vice-versa. So ultimately I plan to get rid of, and de-clutter stuff, and/or learn to deal with stuff I don't like.

I plan to learn more about selling on Etsy, and be more regular in listing/selling products online.

I plan to cook and eat healthier. Goal here is to be overall in better health, as well as learn more about nutrition and ways to cook yummy foods with less of the bad stuff ;)

I plan to grow herbs and learn to make homemade herbal supplements, teas, and medicines.

I want to make a "perfect" quilt. One that is square/strait with even/matching seams, and no mistakes. So far, while I'm pleased with the quilts I make, they are never perfectly strait, or have even and matching seams and corners. My goal is to work on this and improve.

I plan to improve my cake decorating skills. Starting with learning to make gumpaste sugar flowers!

I plan to continue to go to the gym regularly. I am currently content with my body weight, and appearance. So,  my fitness goals are not very specific at this point, other than to maintain my current weight and size. I've considered setting goals to run a farther distance, maybe enter a race/competition (ToughMudder is what I have in mind), or something along those lines. I have not yet decided on my fitness goal in that way yet.

I plan to put more money in our savings account this year. I also plan to work hard on paying off the Toyota. I know it won't be paid off this year, but I hope it can be paid off as soon as possible.

I plan to set a new goal to save 50% on groceries this year with couponing!

I figure that is enough to keep me busy for the year, and am thankful for goals! I think they are good, necessary and helpful. If you don't make plans today for the future, you won't go anywhere!

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