Saturday, June 30, 2012


A couple of things that brought a smile to my face this week.

  1. I sold this quilt on my Etsy shop this week. I was so surprised when I saw the email notification from Etsy and Paypal!! I totally made my day.... back on Monday when it happened!
I did lower the price on it. But still am happy with it because it was cheap fabric and a fun learning/experimenting project on making rag quilts. This was my first attempt!! I hope the buying gets much use and enjoyment out of it and it can bring them some joy as the sale brought to me!

2. I won a giveaway hosted by both FabuLESSly Frugal & Ebates!
The giveaway was 2 winners, one of a $75 JoAnn's gift card and one of a $75 Kohls gift card. I obviously choose the JoAnn's gift card AND WON!!!

The ironic thing about winning the giveaway is that I enter random online blog giveaways all the time and never win. I was just that very afternoon telling my husband how I never win, I enter time after time and even when the odds are good I don't ever win.
Later when I checked my email I got the email saying I won!!
It totally made my day!

I am thankful for things like these that bring joy. I love my life! God has blessed me greatly! I have no want or lack of anything. He is faithful and always provides for my every need.
But I try not to take for granted these special treats and moments of joy - even if very fleeting and passing and material - I know He has allowed and blessed me with them by His grace!
God is good and gives good things to me! I am very thankful for the Joy He gives!

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