Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pineapples and Bananas!!

Pineapple and bananas were on sale this weekend when I went shopping.
Instead of giving a break down of my coupon shopping (which I haven't done hardly any of in months) I'll just tell you what I did with the oodles of bananas I got *FREE*!!
Albertsons had Pineapple on sale for $3.99 each. And when you bought a pineapple you got Free bananas up to 2 pounds.
We do use lots of bananas, but not quite 5 pounds before they turn brown and mushy and I have to do a lot of creative baking ;)

I bought 2 Pineapple, and got 4 bunches of bananas, each weighing a little over a pound.
Total I paid for 2 Pineapple and 5lbs bananas was $8.57. Not bad for that much fruit!!
 I pulled out the dehydrator and made dried banana chips with 2 of the 5 lbs of bananas. The rest we will enjoy fresh!

Love having my dehydrator. Great way to "stock up" on fresh fruits and veggies when I find a good price on them.

And this is my plan for the pineapple for tomorrow's barbecue....

(I also love Pioneer Woman!!)

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