Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting caught up... and unexpected joys

This past weekend I made the long, yet not too long trip to Idaho. There were several reason I chose to go. One being Zaycon Foods (www.zayconfoods.com) was having a Chicken Sales Event. I took orders for several people here in BM and planned to pick up 7, 40lb cases of fresh Chicken breasts!
Apart from that, I really wanted to get to see my family. It's been a few months since I saw them last, and since we don't plan to spend the holidays in Idaho. I wanted to see them again.

I had a splendid weekend. I drove myself up there Thursday morning. My Man wasn't able to come with this time. Due to work, P.T. appointments, and his brother and friend from Idaho coming to visit him for the weekend. Funny how that happened ;).
I arrived at my parents home Thursday afternoon. I had a wonderful talk with my mom before she went to work for the evening. I was such a blessing to catch up with her, hear about what God is doing in her life and the families. As well as hearing of answered prayers! At times it is difficult to "watch" or hear of the trials my family is going through. Though, at the same time, it is a blessing to see how God uses each and every situation and circumstance to strengthen their faith and grow them. They remain steadfast in their faith which is a blessing! I do pray God will deliever them from the various hard times and trials, and in a small way, God answered some of those prayers this weekend! I was so wonderful to be present to witness it, or rather, hear of it first hand!!
God is good! May Jesus Christ be Praised!!

After my mom left for work I took my sisters to do some errands and shopping I had to do. I really wanted to take advantage of Costco, since it around 300+ miles from my home. We conquered Costco, did some window shopping, and I picked up a few other odds and ends. We enjoyed our short little shopping trip.

We witnessed a beautiful sunset on the way back home.

Friday morning my mom and I went out for breakfast and got to catch up more. I then took her to where she needed to go and take care of a few things. In the meantime I called my very good friend to arrange when we would get together that evening which we had talked about earlier in the week.
(She was 37 weeks pregnant). Her husband answered and informed me they were at the birthing center because her water broke the night before!!

So I was able to go see her that afternoon at the hospital. Since they baby probably wouldn't be born for a few more hours. I decided to go to my mother-in-laws house and visit with her. Later that evening at 9:44pm my friend had her baby girl, Annriette Mae!

Annriette sleeping with the quilt I made for her. Had to give it to them at the hospital. I was planning to be at the Baby Shower, scheduled for the next morning, but for obvious reasons, it was postponed. Happy they liked it.

Saturday morning I picked up the Chicken, did a couple more errands, and headed home!
It was a wonderful trip! Probably the best part being I got to be with my best friend at the time of her first daughter's birth! (The ironic thing about this is, 5 years earlier, I was able to be with my friends younger sister at the birth of her first daughter, at the same birthing center, no less)!!

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