Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Life as we know it.... frightening?

Today I was reminded of the reality of life in this day and age.
My husband and I keep most of our money in the bank. However we don't have "all our eggs in one basket" so to speak. We do have cash and other resources in other places besides just one bank. I keep a stockpile of foods, both pantry items, canned goods, and a chest freezer. I live in a rented single-wide manufactured home, so I don't have a ton on hand due to only so much space. But being 50 miles from the nearest Walmart and being somewhat "isolated" I like to keep extra on hand for emergencies.
Today, I was in a very small way reminded why I do.

My day played out as follows:

Up at 7am

Prayer with 2 women from church at my house at 7:30am.

Breakfast and Email/Facebook at 9:00

Gym 10:00
*At which I ran 3 miles strait on the treadmill for the first time in my life Woop! Woop!! and post about on Facebook thru my smart-phone.

Get gas, stop by friend's house to pick up miscellaneous items, stop and Bank and Post Office 11:00ish
*At gas pump, instead of using cash set aside specifically for gas I use my debit card (with busy weekend at conference in CA, simply hadn't made it to the bank to get cash out yet). Spend 10-15 minutes at friend's house. Get to Bank, I'm told I can not make a withdrawl because all computers and phones are down at the moment. "No biggy" I think to myself, just needed to get about $50 out for various envelope-accounts (I do the Dave Ramsey thing). I headed to the Post Office (next door) to mail off B-day thank-you cards, pick up mail, and buy stamps. Remembered I can get cash back when I buy stamps. Only need $50. As I'm in the middle of the transaction computer freezes and transaction cannot be completed.... nor canceled! I pay for my stamps with a $10 I had in my wallet and settle for waiting to get out the $50. During my Post Office visit the other cashier also cannot complete a transaction, a man comes in asking if they have internet access - to which they reply was "no, not at the moment". I conclude both Bank, Post Office, and probably all other buisnesses in town are experiencing the same problem. Internet down!

I go Home.
My  husband greets me, asking if I got his text congratulating me on my run. I say, "I don't know, haven't checked my phone". He continues to tell me the internet is down, and phone isn't working too well. To which I was already aware and tell him of my experiences in town.

I recover from workout with a PowerAid, and sit down to do my Bible reading.

Change into warm work clothes (was really cold today) and go with my Man to friend's house to pick up railroad ties to put in new flowerbed. Clean up yard and flowerbed area, unload railroad ties, and put together flowerbed (a drive to the hills will happen this weekend to retrieve dirt for bed).

Clean house a little, preparing for Thirty-One party I hosted this evening.

Shower, and get ready for the day.

Bake cookies and finish cleaning house.

Make dinner, eat and set up for my party.

Guests arrive at 7:00pm for party. Enjoy party for next hour and half.

Clean up from party 9:00pm at which time my husband is home from Men's Bible study and exclaims, "Yay! Internet is back on!!!"

All this to say:
Our society is nearly 100% dependent on the internet! I cannot take out my money from the bank without technology. I cannot make any purchase with a debit card without technology (I couldn't put gas in my car had I done so but 20 minutes later). My life could very easily be completely handicapped without internet based technology. Another thing that happened today was most cell phone lines were down also. I could not communicate with anybody via phone without technology.

If I don't already have cash I couldn't buy anything, whether it be stamps, gas, groceries, etc
When any cash I do have is gone, I do not have access to the money that I have in the bank.
If in an emergency, I needed to contact someone, I could not call them.

This was the situation we were in for about 9 hours.

How frightening it is that our life is so dependent on the Internet and modern technology. Nobody operates the "old school" way anymore. Nobody carries much cash with them... if any anymore. Most people I know have a cell phone only and no land-line.

I'm thankful I have an Emergency Fund, which is just that, cash in case of emergencies. I'm thankful I keep my pantry and freezer fully stocked at almost all times. I should keep my vehicles fully fueled more regularly. And have ways to make contact in case of emergencies.

I thought about how much I use the Internet and modern technology everyday. I am regularly on Facebook. I have 3 separate email accounts, I enjoy playing music at home... via Pandora because it is the most convenient with the Blu-Ray player that plays Pandora thru my TV. Netflix is our "Cable" or "TV" Almost anything we watch whether movie or show is thru Netflix.
My money is kept in the bank that operates only through modern technology. Same with my mail. Gas pumps use electronic card readers, stores also. The Internet is used to inform us of the news, weather reports, it is the main source of our entertainment, knowledge, and the means by which society operates!

While I was able to do all I needed to do today, didn't have any emergencies, and just 9 hours without internet, and hit-or-miss phone service isn't much in the big picture, it did get my attention. It made me thing. Reminded me of the reality of the day and age I live in. And just how dependent my life is on technology... therefore dependent on whoever controls technology.

How much do you rely on the internet? On modern techonology? Even on your cell phone?
How prepared are you for minor, or major problems that arise when technology isn't available?
Do you have food in your pantry, cash in a safe place, fuel in your car??
Most importantly, can you function without today's modern Internet-based technology? In who or what do you put your trust??

A day like today puts this verse in perspective.
I remember reading this verse for the first time probably 10 or so years ago. I can remember thinking, "who put trust in horses and chariots" in my 21st century mind. But in Bible times, that was your power, your control, your means of transportation, protection, income, and effect many areas of your life. But think of it in modern terms. Replace "horse" and "chariot" with "Internet" and "Technology".

Psalm 20:7
Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.

In Who/What do you place your trust? Can you depend on him/it? Will it disappoint and let you down? Can he/it provide all that you need??
I'm thankful for the advancements in technology that we have today. We have been able to accomplish a lot of wonderful God-glorifying things with modern technology. The Internet weekly saves me money, time, and energy. It has been a great tool for gaining useful knowledge, and even now, I'm taking advantage of it by writing this blog post! God has blessed us with creative minds to use for His glory through which we have invented many things. But be careful in how much you willingly handicap yourself by placing too much, or all your trust in it.


  1. Very enjoyable to read and though provoking. Thank you for taking the time to record you day "electronically" through modern technology.

  2. It goes to prove that even though I am a huge fan of going digital it does have its pitfalls. Always have a backup plan like you do.