Monday, October 10, 2011

Is it just me....

As I mentioned before, I'm currently enrolled in one of Answers in Genesis's online courses.
I'm doing the Creation Apologetics and Geology course. I have taken the other 4 courses. And excited to have accomplished all 5, shortly!

The previous one I did was on Astronomy. And as one of the lessons talked about the Distant Starlight issue, being, in a nutshell, stars that are billions of light-years away are visible on earth, but the earth is only 6,000+/- years old there hasn't been enough time for light to travel that far yet. But we see the stars.
There currently is no answer to this problem yet, however, creation scientists continue to research and study looking for an explanation.

As I studied this particular weeks lesson on Distant Starlight, I was bothered.
To me, if God has not explained or revealed something to us, that information is not important. God has given us everything we need for life and godliness 2 Peter 1:3.
My problem with trying to figure it out, is that we are human, we are tainted with sin. While we can use the Bible to guide us, if the Bible is silent on that issue, we will use our own speculations, which will be tainted with our deceptive sin nature (Jer. 17:9), and we will probably conclude something false. Even though we study and research under the best of intentions.

Something similar came up today as I began this weeks lesson on the Ice Age. And about the "Vapor Canopy" theory pre-Flood. The man giving the lecture stated that there are serious problems with this theory, however, since it provides answers to most of the pre-Flood conditions, and is very attractive in that way. So they still hold to this view, in spite of the cons, and continue to research a solution to these cons.

I struggle with speculating on things we don't know, and probably can't know. While I understand the reason behind the research, and the good intentions, it still bothers me a little.
Is it just me, or do others see this as a dangerous thing to "dabble" in? Especially considering our thoughts are very deceptive.

The book I've been slowly reading through said it very well,

"The Bible tells us that an enemy came and sowed tares. Now, if any man chooses to go farther than this, and inquire where the enemy got the tares, he is welcome to do so; but I choose to leave it where the Bible leaves it. I do not wish to be wise beyond what is written." Edward Payson, in Legend of a Legacy; Natural Religion.

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