Friday, November 4, 2011

Autumn labors..... bring Spring blossoms

This past summer was my first time growing a garden! I had fun. Before getting married I'd grown flower beds at my parents house. This year I didn't bother with flowers, other than a few potted ones. It was kind of hard to grow both flowers and vegetables in the same place. And since my garden spot is behind our house, I'd probably be the only one to enjoy it.

Since our landlord moved the shed that was in the yard, I have a nice corner that looked very empty! So I decided to put in a flower bed! I'm thrilled my landlord is okay with me making changes like that to the property. Having Christian friends as a landlord is a blessing that words cannot express!

My man and I and some friends took a the morning last week to go get dirt! The dirt available where we live is full of arsenic and alkali and sorely lacking in nutrient. Needs furtilized often, and lots of care. So, in order to find enough, good soil for growing for fill a flower bed we had to go up in a hills a ways!

Was a beautiful, and dusty drive up the canyon! We found some nice, black soil, backed up the pick up's and started digging!

It was a very nice day for working outdoors! And I was surprised how fast we filled up the trucks, especially with help!

Once we had the pick ups full, we headed back down the canyon to unload and fill up the flower bed.

I'm excited to have a flower bed this next spring/summer. I've already got 50 tulip bulbs planted. And look forward to accumulating more varieties of flowers and plants this coming year!

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