Friday, August 17, 2012

Crossing things off the checklist

As I mentioned already, We are looking at buying our first house! If all goes well, we should be moving in in about a month!!

It's exciting! I've been having lots of fun thinking of all the things I'll have the freedom to do, home improvement and decorating wise.
Even though we have had a great landlord, I still fee very limited in the "home-y touches" I can make to the house.

The not so exciting part is the legal/financial/etc part of the process. But slowly, and surely things are getting done and accomplished!

We finally got all inspections done. Been talking with Mortgage companies, and mailing, signing, and faxing paper work. Wrote a big fat check and have put down Earnest Money.

And, per part of the agreed upon offer will be getting new floors throughout entire house!!
I got that finalized today! So the flooring will be ordered, and we have an install date(s) scheduled!

I bought 10 gallons of paint and am simply waiting for the "OK" to get the walls painted before the flooring is installed.

Now I'm starting to realize! I have 4 weeks before we close on the house (assuming no complications), and haven't packed a thing!

I'm gonna be a busy girl for the next month. Got to get painting done, house packed up and cleaned, all the while continuing to deal with to-do's as they come up. Such as finalizing loan/mortgage stuff, get an insurance policy, etc, etc, etc!

This is an exciting, but crazy time!!

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