Wednesday, August 29, 2012

There's more to-do than time

I'm feeling overwhelmed, but at the same time, not really.

I think deadlines overwhelm me. I've never liked deadlines. I wouldn't consider myself a last-minute-doer kind of person.

But these past 2 weeks I've had the exciting deadline of September, 14, 2012 (Closing Day) on my mind. I've had my house all organized, in order and "clean" (haha). And waiting for the "Go" on getting the new house painted before the flooring is installed, which is a closer deadline by about 4 days, and all the other stuff I need/want to do. Thinking about getting everything packed, cleaned, prepped, painted, all before my dreaded deadline is overwhelming.

However, I'm don't think I truly am overwhelmed, because once I got the boxes out, opened the closets, cupboards, drawers, etc and started putting things in boxes and stacking up the boxes and bins I wasn't overwhelmed at all. I've got a lot of progress made on what packing I can do 2 weeks before moving. Suprisingly we actually do use most of the stuff in our house. Making it difficult to know what I can and can't pack.

Last night I got the "key" to get into the new house. So I spent my day today pulling out nails, screws, dreadfully ugly hardware, hooks, mirrors, window treatments, and anything else the previous owners left behind.

So nice of them to give us terribly ugly drapery, nasty metal medicine cabinets, and goody toothbrush holders & soap dishes mounted to the wall. Not to mention the scary looking coat rack and shelf/cart thingy in poor condition.

I did get hours of work done today! It probably doesn't look like I did anything, sadly, except all the ugly stuff is off the walls. I got *almost* every nail, screw, and hook out of the walls and all those holes filled in.

Step one in updating/redoing/redecorating (whatever you want to call it) is always my least favorite. I'd skip it if I could. But I do know it will be well worth the hours I put in today!

Step two, isn't exactly that fun either, Primming. I don't get excited over more "prep" work like primming but I know it will make a difference, and luckily, most of the house is already painted a greyish-white color and won't need primmed. But there is still quite a bit of primming needed.

Hoping to get that done tomorrow!

I've will be taking pictures throughout all the steps of this process. And post them sometime...

It bugs me that I'm neglecting a ton of things! Like my *ahem*weed*ahem* garden, it needs some TLC and even some harvesting. I'd like to get to practice the piano some. I have a dear friend who I haven't talked to in weeks, And I have a few unfinished sewing projects that I would much rather pack finished than unfinished. But we will see if that happens or not.
And I really should start meal planning again, especially so I can clean out the freezer and pantry a bit.
Funny how life doesn't stop when stuff like moving comes up! 

Now, back to pulling out the boxes... cause the more time I think about what I have to do, rather than actually doing it the more overwhelmed I get.

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